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Custom Memory Quilts Made from Your Keepsakes
Completed Quilts Available for Purchase
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Memory Quilts

Vintage t-shirts, sports jerseys or baby clothes that hold precious memories; bottoms from cut-off jeans, khaki and camouflage pants; beautiful fabrics from outfits that are languishing in a closet. All these materials, and more, are the stuff of which memory quilts are made.

Give more than a gift. Create a

family heirloom, give a custom-made legacy and keepsake to your child, sibling, spouse, parent--or to yourself!

We will take your fabrics and create a quilt to suit your needs. We specialize in denim and youth memorabilia. We also specialize in utilizing African fabrics.

Each quilt is unique but here are some price estimates:

Small Throw/Display
--(half of Twin Size    $800

Large Throw/Display
--(Twin Size)               $1480

Full/Queen                 $1980

King                                $2480

Optional Adds-ons, Price TBA:

Reversible, Two-Sided Quilt
Special Fabrics to be Purchased
Integration of Photos
-Integration of Very Small Pieces
Back Sleeve for Hanging Quilts
Display Rod

Contact us with your ideas,

proposals and questions.
We are happy to answer all of
your questions and price your
quilt for you.

Don't wait!
Order your quilt in time for the holiday season and for your special occasion. Payment plans are available.

Thank you! We appreciate your business and support!
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